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About us


Our Philosophy

For the Open Minded, a New Adventure Always Awaits.
Adventure can just as well be a trip to the office or a trip to the other side of the planet. It is 100% in the attitude and mindset of the journey.
Say 'thanks'. Reciprocity is the key to friendship, happiness, and success.

5% of our profits are donated directly to the Karen Hill Tribes Trust, which supports the community where our bracelets are made.


Why Bracelets?

For those who have traveled abroad before, this may be self-explanatory.

In many countries, as a show of good faith after a positive encounter, native citizens will offer travelers bracelets.

We chose the bracelet as our sign of good faith for those who have successfully traveled and want to remember the times they have spent abroad.


Why Our Idea Matters

What is important other than friendship, adventure, and good times? 
Remember these occasions by giving yourself a permanent 'oasis', everywhere you may go. 







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