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The World-Wide Tribe

Artisan Bracelets from All of Earth's Cultures

Traveling the World for Tribal Bracelets

Our mission is to share a taste of the world's cultures through the love of bracelets.

The experience of travel is deeply enriching, and we believe every person should have access to the feel of a country's culture even if they can't afford to make the trip themselves.

The First Wave: Karen Thai Hill Tribe

While travelling in Thailand, we had the opportunity of discovering the Karen Hill Tribe. While they live in an impoverished community deep in the jungles near Chiang Mai, they can survive almost solely off their ability to create beautiful crafts.

In our first wave, we bring that ability to the rest of the world. 5% of our profits will be donated to the Global Conservation Fund, which empowers local communities and governments to protect their natural assets.



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